Build a greener tomorrow

BIOPAPRO specializes in the production of all kinds of wooden cutlery. Our products are packed and shipped with care. They are sustainable, earth-friendly and customizable. Get your brand identity showcased on our cutlery to build better recall and recognition.

Retail Packaging

BIOPAPRO's wooden cutlery is the best alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. You can buy it in small quantities in retail packaging for your supermarkets and retail shops, etc. Adding your brand logo and patterns to promote your business will help you build a great start to new ventures.

Display Packaging

BIOPAPRO is taking conscious steps towards building a greener tomorrow. The unique feature of a foldable lid reduces the need to dismantle the packaging. Suitable for retail stores and brand outlets, it enables a convenient display of all products in one place. The box is customizable for any brand to help them communicate their brand identity distinctively.

Wholesale Packaging

BIOPAPRO's wooden cutlery is biodegradable, compostable, pollution-free, and recyclable. It can be customized basis food services, catering to-go restaurants, buffets, and institutional settings. We also provide them for trading purposes and bulk orders.